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Instructor: Roger López

Duración: 3 horas

Lecciones: 12

Nivel de habilidad: Básico

Precio: $750

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Resumen del curso

Branding, as a whole, is essential for any serious business because a company’s brand is what distinguishes it from its competitors. In today’s computer age, it is necessary for most businesses to have an online presence to stay competitive. An effective internet branding, just like its offline counterpart, helps bring awareness to your unique business offering and drive customer demand.

Lo que aprenderás en este curso:

Your business needs to create a positive image in the minds of consumers. Contrary to what most people believe, branding isn’t just a logo. Your businesses purpose, focus, and image all combine to create your brand. Why should you make this effort? Personal Branding can be the most influential tool for success in your self-marketing toolkit. You can identify, package and sell who you are to build a personal brand that results in business growth, influence, and income.

Feel confident using the right software


Demonstrate the correct techniques


Achieve a specific goal

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Roger López
Roger López

Maestro en Ciencias de la Salud

Soy un apasionado del e-learning. Cuento con más de 10 años de experiencia en Gestión y Control Estadístico de Procesos, tengo estudios de Maestría en ciencias de la salud y en Marketing digital. Diplomado en diseño instruccional y con conocimientos avanzados en diferentes herramientas ofimáticas, de diseño gráfico y diseño web.

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